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公司擁有先進的生產、檢測和研發設備,具備滿足用戶各種需求的生產能力 。主要裝備有:198m2帶式燒結線2條、120m2帶式燒結線1條、90m2帶式燒結線2條、1080 m3高爐1座、650 m3高爐1座、450 m3高爐5座、40噸轉爐2座、50噸轉爐2座、60噸轉爐2座、2機2流方坯連鑄機1條、4機4流方坯連鑄機2條、5機5流方坯連鑄機1條、6機6流方坯連鑄機2條、80萬噸/年高線盤螺1條,80萬噸/年帶鋼生產線1條,2×560軋鋼線,1×580軋鋼線,50萬噸/年熱軋高強鋼筋生產線1條、40萬噸/年型鋼線一條,具備年產鐵410萬噸、粗鋼460萬噸、材460萬噸的能力,能滿足用戶各種建筑用材需求。公司主要產品:鋼筋混泥土用鋼熱軋帶肋鋼筋(含鋼坯)HRB400、HRB400E、HRB500、HRB500E,規格為:Φ6mm-Φ10mm(盤卷)、Φ1 2mm-Φ32mm(直條);熱軋光圓鋼筋HPB300,規格為:Φ6.5mm-Φ10mm(盤卷)。具備年產460萬噸鋼、460萬噸材的能力,產品除了云南外,還遠銷廣東、廣西、四川、貴州、重慶及東南亞國家等地,參與了昆明長水國際機場、玉磨鐵路、白鶴灘水電站、棚戶區改造、云南省內多條高速公路等省、市重點工程建設,產品質量、保供能力都得到合作單位的高度贊譽。




Yunnan Yuxi Yukun Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 and is located in the town of “Nie'er hometown” Yuxi City, with a registered capital of 500 million yuan. The company currently owns 3 subsidiaries including Yukun Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Yuxi Huixi Metal Casting Products Co., Ltd., and Fuyu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., with total assets of 8.515 billion yuan. It is a collection of mining, coking, pellets, sintering, ironmaking, It is a top 500 private enterprise in China that manufactures steel, rolling steel, oxygen, cement, and power generation. In 2017, the Group achieved a total industrial output value of 10.611 billion yuan, sales revenue of 10.275 billion yuan, tax payment of 178 million yuan, and profit of 325 million yuan.

The company has carried out a scientific strategic positioning, formed an advanced corporate culture, established a series of production and business concepts, formed the company's mission, vision and core values, formulated a complete set of rules and regulations, and emphasized the system administrator and process management. Using corporate culture to unify actions and unite people's hearts.

The company has advanced production, testing and research and development equipment, with production capacity to meet the various needs of users. The main equipments include: 198m2 band sintering line 2, 120m2 band sintering line 1, 90m2 band sintering line 2, 1080 m3 blast furnace 1, 650 m3 blast furnace 1, 450 m3 blast furnace 5, 40 tons converter 2 Seats, two 50-ton converters, two 60-ton converters, two 2-bar billet casters, four 4-bar billet casters, and five 5-strand billet casters. 6 6 billet continuous casters, 800,000 tons/year high wire coil, 1 800,000 tons/year strip production line, 2×560 rolling line, 1×580 rolling line, 500,000 tons One hot-rolled high-strength steel production line and one 400,000-ton/year steel wire line, with an annual capacity of 4.1 million tons of iron, 4.6 million tons of crude steel, and 4.6 million tons of steel, can satisfy users' various construction timber needs. The main products of the company are: steel hot-rolled ribbed steel bars (including steel billets) HRB400, HRB400E, HRB500, HRB500E for steel reinforced concrete, specifications: Φ6mm-Φ10mm (coiled), Φ1 2mm-Φ32mm (straight); hot-rolled light round Rebar HPB300, specifications: Φ6.5mm-Φ10mm (coil). With an annual capacity of 4.6 million tons of steel and 4.6 million tons of steel, the products are exported to Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Chongqing, and Southeast Asian countries in addition to Yunnan, and participate in the Kunming Changshui International Airport and the Yumo Railway. Baihetan Hydropower Station, shantytowns transformation, and several provincial and municipal key highway projects in Yunnan Province have been highly praised by the cooperation units for their product quality and supply capacity.

The company has established a complete professional management system for production, technology, equipment, safety, environmental protection, quality, and on-site, and has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health certification, and has obtained a safety standardization level 3 enterprise certificate and resources. Comprehensive use of certificates.

The "Yukun" trademark is the "Yunnan Province Famous Trademark" and the "Yukun Brand" steel product series for construction has been promoted as the "China Government Procurement Preferred Brand" for its quality and stability, and it has been awarded the "National Excellent Quality Key to Promotion of Building Materials Products" and " The National Hot Rolled Ribbed Steel Reinforced Quality Service Satisfies Worry Brand "and other honors.

The company's development has been widely recognized by all walks of life. It has been rated as a civilized unit, a key protection unit, an AAA credit rating, a large taxpayer, an excellent enterprise, an advanced enterprise, an outstanding contribution enterprise, and a charitable charity by party committees, governments, and industry authorities at all levels. Enterprises, Top 30 Enterprises in Top 100 Enterprises in Yunnan Province, etc.

In order to further advance, the company will further take the prosperity of the local economy as its mission, base itself on innovation and scientific development, persist in doing the main business of refined iron and steel, accelerate the pace of diversified development, and strive to promote the implementation of the new round of strategic goals and achieve leapfrog development. .



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